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Robison & Robison Services LLC makes every effort possible to protect the privacy of its users. The Privacy Policy of our company, Robison & Robison Service LLC, is designed to ensure all users are made aware of and understand how information is collected on this site. We detail how this information is collected and what it is used for. This informs visitors and users of the site understand the implications of using this Service.

Please note that Robison & Robison Services, LLC does not share any information that is collected.

Information we collect and use:

Log Data: When visiting this website or using our services, this Company collected Log Data during your visit to our sites. The Log Data we may collect includes, but is not limited to a variety of information. This information includes what type of browser you are using (Mozilla, IE, Chroma, Safari, etc.), cookie information, the mobile carrier you use if the site is access via smartphone, the web page you were referred by (such as licking a link on another site), your IP address, and access location. In addition to this Log Data, other information may be collected when you click links on our site and visit third-party applications.

Cookies: When visiting our site we collect cookies. These collected cookies are small snippets of text that your browser (Chrome, Mozilla, IE, Safari, etc) captures when you visit any variety of websites. All access websites which collect cookies are bound by law to warn you of their practices. These small sections of text assist these websites, our site included, in remembering information about your visit. Cookies help our site remember what preferences you have regarding ad placements, site settings, and if you have any specific safe searches which need to be saved. Cookies help our site remember information you want to keep.


Terms of Service

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Content: All content on this website for Robison & Robison Services LLC is provided to visitors and users of this site “as is”. This company will not make any representations concerning the result of any service provided; the reliability of materials included on the site, or linked information found on any other websites. Robison & Robison Services LLC presents this information but does not stand liable for any errors encountered on this website. Due to this, Robison & Robison Services LLC will not be held liable for any damages, errors, or loss of data in relation to your use of this website. Errors on this website may include photographic of technical issues. With this data presented entirely “as is” Robison & Robison Services LLC has no obligation to update this site.

Site Modification: Robison & Robison Services LLC are entitled to change the Terms of Service at any point in time without notification to the users of this website. As a visitor and user of the site you are completely bound to adhere to the current Terms of Service as they appear on the site.